“I made $225 in two days. The best part is I paid nothing to get started. Are you ready to make some extra money?”

“An excellent opportunity to earn 15k-25k per week without disturbing your routine! A luxury life with passive income and free five star business class flights. If you’re fed-up, just take a decision to better your life”

Does this sound familiar? You’ve almost certainly seen at least one of these, if you have ever searched for a way to make money online. There are some simple ways you can determine which Facebook Pages, Groups or Websites are scams.

  • Do they require you to pay money up front? If they require any sort of up-front payment to use their services, it is almost always a scam.
  • Do they promise that you will become rich overnight? Scammers prey on our hopes and dreams of being rich without moving a finger.
  • What do they get out of it? You will discover that they are doing it for their own benefit. Their ultimate goal is for us to give them money up-front.
  • How are they making money? A website dependent on you for their own well-being is much less likely to be a scam, since they cannot survive if you don’t make money. They will have more incentive to help you make money, rather than hurt you.

Generally speaking, look for things which sound too good to be true. Getting rich quick is not easy. If it was so, then everyone would be doing it.

Normally scams on social media, like Facebook and Twitter would ask for personal details like email, phone number, date of birth, etc.

If you are not sure, do your own research and see if anyone else has done it before.

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