Sooner or later we all consider a second source of income. Whether we are students, retirees, unemployed, employed or just looking for an extra income generating opportunity, a free website template is ideal to enter the online and home business arena.

So where does one start? The obvious starting point is doing a Google search. As easy as it sounds, it becomes difficult. As soon as you type in “free website template”, you are bombarded with millions of results. In fact, that is just what I did and Google returned about 16,900,000 results in 0.46 seconds. That is 16 million 900 results!!!!

Why are people, like you and me, looking for free website templates?

I think the answer is very easy. Simply because we are complete beginners and would like to, at least, earn something before we start spending our hard-earned cash whilst we do not clearly know what we do. I would say that the following factors are top in the minds of people like us:

  • We do not have a lot of money (a large budget)
  • We do not yet have sufficient confidence in our own abilities
  • We are testing a new idea
  • We are building our first website.

These are the things that I struggled with.

So the big question is: “Which free website templates work?”

This is not an easy question to answer, as there many templates which does have benefits. One of these templates that I discovered worked, and is still working, for me is the WordPress template via Siterubix.

This article, which you are reading, is published on such a template. Have a look at my website address and you will notice that it has a Siterubix extension. The name of my website is:

This template comes with all the buttons, gimmicks and customization and is actually available for free as part of the Wealthy Affiliate free starter membership.

The unique thing about Siterubix is that it’s made for online business. Most free websites generate income for the parent companies, not for you. In fact, many free website platforms specifically do NOT allow you to create promotions on your website! Siterubix was created for online business and affiliate marketers.

Try it now! For FREE.

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