Unfortunately we live in a world where evil and corruption is flourishing and where the poorest of the poor are being targeted and those who are in need of extra money are easy targets for unscrupulous con men.
It is therefore important to be alert and critical of any program which offers easy ways to make money online fast. You must educate yourself to be able to identify these schemes but at the same time you do not want to lose out of the income generating potential of making money on the internet.

How do you identify potential con schemes ?

  • Generally speaking, if a scheme or program request upfront money from you, you are guaranteed that it is a scam.
  • Legitimate places do not ask for money upfront, but instead offer a free trial, no credit card needed. Click here for such a program.
  • Scams will often claim to be super lucrative, fast, free, and easy.
  • Scammers invent convincing and seemingly legitimate reasons to give you false hope about offers of money.

Here is what you can do to avoid being conned by these “make money online” schemes

  • Protect your identity and cash from online scammers.
  • Do not pay any money upfront
  • Stay away from any scheme that requires you to pay for membership to join.
  • Do not sign any documents until you have convinced yourself of the legitimacy of the offer.
  • Ask for a free trial
  • Ask for money back guarantee
  • Ask for recommendations and check this out personally
  • Do not respond to fake emails

Is it still possible to legally make money online?

Despite all the negatives there is money to be made online. Affiliate marketing with programs like Wealthy Affiliate or Amazon Affiliates provides ways to get money online but it requires a little footwork or an established website to promote on.

These are ways of making money online and are not scams. They also don’t promise to be 100% quick and easy, because the truth is earning any significant amount of money requires some combination of luck, skill, time, and effort.

Look for good opportunities, which come with mentoring and training, to help and guide you along the journey to make a load of money online. I personally recommend Wealthy Affiliate to help you to make money online.

Click here to join for free.

Hope this helps. Feel free to comment below and please share your thoughts and ideas.


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